Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Morning of 10th May

Went to bed early last night to try and edge toward the watch shift pattern times. I have been assigned to the 4am til 4pm shift so I got up at 6am today and I shall get up at 5am tomorrow, ready for my first 4am start on Thursday morning.

Sleep was good as the bed is comfortable, but the noises that lull you to sleep will take a little while to get used to. The slap of waves against the hull is obviously comforting, although it sounds like a constant washing machine, particularly when the waves wash around the port hole. And then there’s the sound of the bottom profiler. The ping-per-second is constantly audible down here by the water line, although honestly the sound is more like something between a constant car alarm a block or two away, and someone who is very good at pogo-sticking.

Speaking of the porthole, it is rather choppy out there today, and in spite of being in the sea of the Hebrides, there is no land in sight. Land or no land however, I’ve started taking down our position every now and then and plotting the coordinates into GIS to try and figure out where we are. This morning’s plot at 08.30am put us between Barra and Canna/Rum which were completely invisible from my porthole on the port side of the vessel and the breakfast table on the starboard. Hopefully later in the day there will be some signs of Skye and Harris on either side of the ship. I shall wander up to the Forecastle deck dressed to the nines against the buffeting wind to investigate in a bit. Naturally my camera will accompany me.

I shall take pictures of interesting sights as I go and post a few up here, although they shall be pretty compressed as the internet capacity doesn’t allow for much.

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