Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Yesterday was rounded off with a trip into ullapool to pick up a couple of spare parts from the post office. Due to the fact that it costs thousands to actaully pull up at the dock, we sent in our man overboard tender lowered from the side of the ship. Here are a couple of pictures from the end of the day.
The bonnie hills near Ullapool.
Sun on the sun deck! You weren't expecting that in Scotland, were you!The RRS James Cook Man Over Board (MOB) Tender, lowered from the Boat Deck to pop to the post office in Ullapool.
Some fellow scientists watching the tender from the forecastle (sun) deck. L-r: Fionnuala, Veerle, Aggie, Evina, Niels.
Veit, Geologist, watching the tender from the Forecastle (Sun) Deck.Sophie, JNCC Marine Protected Area Habitat Mapper. She asked if I wanted her to move out the way for this picture (of white paint!?!).Sunbeams breaking through dark clouds. I took this while on the phone to Luke (Ullapool brought brief signal up on deck)

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